According to Greek mythology the Sirens lured sailors to wreck their ships on the rocky coast of the island of Sirenum scopuli by singing and playing beautifully. Could it be that managers are similarly being lured to wreck their companies by the calls of disruption?

That is what I talked to with Quique Vivas, Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer at Vodafone, for this episode of The Creativity Suite. Quique has been with Vodafone for 15 years which means he has seen the company transform many times. The “telco industry” was one of the first industries to be transformed by the…

After the discussion I just had with Yaron Flint I will never look at the word “experience” in the same way, and I hope this text will inspire you to look at experience in a new way too.

Let me elaborate, but first let me introduce you to Yaron. Yaron Flint is Director Innovation, strategy and operations, and Head of Israeli operations at co-pace, which is the startup arm of Continental. Continental, founded in 1871, is a technology company that offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. …

What is the antonym for “Ego”?

According to the dictionary, it is words like “bashfulness”, “self-doubt” and “disgrace”, implying that “ego” is a good thing.

But ego — your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability — can also be a negative thing. Especially when it comes to creativity and innovation.

True: To be creative you have to have a strong belief and your ability, especially when you are in the phase of creation when no one else believes in your idea. But too much ego kills creativity. Creativity is about focusing on…

One of the biggest advantages of working for a large organization is that it is big.

That might sound like an obvious statement, but for too many people in too many organizations, that’s an insight that they are not harnessing.

But they should.

And imagine if they did.

The ability to acquire a “mindset of scale” is something I recently discussed with Saira Khan, Innovation & Partnerships Leader at HSBC UK.

And let’s be clear: HSBC is big. With 40 million (!) customers across more than 60 countries and territories, it is one of the largest banking and financial services…

I learned about “ice walking” from Giannis Sotiriou, Head of Innovation & Strategy at Optima Foods. Optima Foods is a leading imports and distribution company of Greek food products in the United States.

The very first thing Giannis said to me in our interview was: ”I work with innovation, but I stopped using the word innovation a long time ago. Words like innovation and disruption scare people and many people look at innovation with skepticism. Instead of getting people excited about a potentially possible and different future, I get them to want to better understand their present. …

How do you decide which idea to develop? Many would go with gut-feeling, passion or “what feels right”, but there is a case to be made for picking our ideas with precision.

I got to learn about Precision Creativity in a conversation with Dr. Bernard Esquivel, International Chief Medical Officer at OneOme. OneOme was recently ranked as the 22nd most innovative company by Fast Company for its disruption of the health industry with its focus on personalized medicine.

OneOme, which is co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic, is a healthcare technology company whose genetic test helps doctors predict how…

This text is about an insight I got from speaking to Gil Rosen, President and General Manager at Amdocs:Next as we were talking about the specific art of selling your idea to a company. The insight ended up getting a made-up moniker — Corportelling — and for anyone looking to get a company to buy their idea that one word might be the difference between success and failure.

But let’s start with some background.

“There are three parts to the innovation process:

a) Thinking about the idea

b) Executing on the idea


c) Selling the idea.”

The words belong…

In 20+ years of studying creativity I hear it all the time: “To be creative you have to take risks!” It might be one of the biggest clichés in creativity (together with “think outside the box” and “stepping outside your comfort zone”.)

And while it can be argued that you need risk-taking to get creative, I thought it would be interesting to learn about creativity from someone who works in an industry dedicated to protect against and prevent risk.

Meet: Tomasz Kurczyk, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer at AXA in Singapore. AXA is one of the world’s leading insurance and…

What can a large multi-national organization learn from its R&D scientists? That is the question I had in mind when I connected with Krysia Sommers, who was Bayer’s Head of Innovation Engagement during the organization’s four-year experiment to run a Corporate Innovation function from 2016 until June 2020.

Bayer — a Life Sciences company with a more than 150-year history, 100,000 employees and core competencies in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science and Consumer Health — conducted a four-year experiment (from 2016 to 2020) to run an in-house Corporate Innovation department.

The Bayer organization boasts around 17,000 (seventeen thousand!) scientists…

Why is it so crucial to speak precisely when talking about innovation and design?

That was the topic of my discussion with Hung-Hsiang Chen recently. Hung-Hsiang Chen loves design. No wonder, it has been his focus for over 20 years working in leading design positions for companies like Novo Nordisk in Denmark, Asus Computer in Singapore and Taiwan and now as Global Design Head at Lilly Design Lab at Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly is a 144 years old company that employs more than 33,000 around the world. At Eli Lilly, he leads a team of industrial designers, UX designers, and…

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